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Located in Atlanta, GA

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2022 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention


After a review process involving feedback from over 1,000 members of the arts field and review from staff experts at Americans for the Arts, Dr. Elliott has been selected to speak at the national convention in Washington, D.C. May 18-20th, 2022.

The presentation/workshop is entitled "Principle and Purpose of Trauma-Informed Arts and Organizations".

Description of the presentation/workshop:

The global refugee crisis and COVID-19 are leaving an indelible mark on the 21st Century. Leaders tasked with nurturing the well-being and equitable empowerment of communities are increasingly highlighting the impact trauma-causing events such as the global pandemic, refugee crisis, and systemic oppression has had on communities, artists, and organizations. Events such as the pandemic have changed the purpose, design, and delivery of the arts. Arts, arts education practices, and organizations are positioned to address social and cultural challenges communities and individuals face.

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